Mandisa was fantastic as well. I could have listened to her much longer. I did geel he had too many musical guests. Wish he had only 2 or 3 instead of 5! Loved the concert so much fun and energetic all the performers were great and I think it was nice of them to give those pictures out of the children so people can donate money for them hope they come back again. It was so uplifting and truly a blessing that I got to enjoy this concert. It was my daughters first time going to a concert and she loved it!! It melted my heart when she was singing with the songs she knew!!

TobyMac was amazing last night! As were Britt Nicole and Colten Dixon!! A very memorable show for everyone!! It was my husband's first Christian music concert and he was thoroughly impressed!! It was a great show!!!! My husband and I had a lot fun. All the artists did a wonderful job. We will definitely go see Toby Mac again. Toby Mac sang beautifully for over an hour. It was great. Great artists , great music. Special effects were amazing.

Well worth the ticket money which was great price. Great value for such an amazing show! All artists gave it their ALL. I loved it It is my B-day on Friday and this was my present So cool! When did You start your career? Have you ever looked back? TobyMac put on an awesome show!! Uplifting and energizing to the max!! TobyMac is truly a force to be reckoned with in praising and worshipping Jesus Christ.

As always Toby invited an amazing group of talent! Full of energy and a packed house! God was definitely in the house!!! He played a wide variety of his songs both old and new. We bought our son front row tickets for his birthday and he was ecstatic! Toby rocked it, his entire performance was steller. Dance party with a message. It will be a night I will never forget.

I recommend you make a TobyMac show a priority to see. I enjoy his music I've been listening it to no stop lately and I hope he come back to Seattle again he was the best to last and to I got a shirt from one of his songs. See all videos 3. See all photos 5. See all posters 9. Academy St. See all past concerts This event has been added to your Plans. Get your tour dates seen by one billion fans: Sign up as an artist. Yes, please notify me.

On tour. Save this event to your plans and we'll remind you when it's coming up! Interested Going. Similar artists with upcoming concerts Andy Mineo. Phil Wickham. Michael W. Wed 05 Jun Backstage Munich, Germany. Tenth Avenue North. Live reviews tobyMac Everyone loves a classic feel good song, especially TobyMac, who focuses on inserting moral and spiritual messages into his music and appealing to the whole of the Christian community.

Read more Report as inappropriate. Would have liked to have seen Ryan and Finding Favour have more time. David and Dorothy Crockett Read more Report as inappropriate. All artists gave it their ALL Report as inappropriate. TobyMac is truly a force to be reckoned with in praising and worshipping Jesus Christ Report as inappropriate. I enjoy his music I've been listening it to no stop lately and I hope he come back to Seattle again he was the best to last and to I got a shirt from one of his songs Report as inappropriate. Videos 3. Photos 5. Posters 9. I was there. The band's debut disc ranked No.

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The group placed two songs on the Hot Christian Songs chart, including the No. They recruited guitarist Owen and began booking themselves in churches and youth camps from Florida to Colorado. They began creating a buzz that caught the attention of label executives at Provident Label Group and landed a deal with Reunion Records. For many young musicians, such early success may have proved paralyzing, but not for Tenth Avenue North because music for them has never been about awards and CD sales, but about the chance to impact lives.

We want to create strong songs that hopefully draw people in to experience Christ. I look into the faces of the crowd and you can tell that some people have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. It's basically about confession -- confessing your sins to one another that you might be healed, which is a scary thing to do.

You can believe in God and love God, but confessing the things that you keep secret and hold on to -- that keep you tied to your past and weigh you down --confessing those things is not easy. You can experience such freedom in telling someone else. You know that God knows everything about you, but telling someone else is an entirely different thing.

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Sparks will fly. His grace collides with the dark inside of us. His blood can cover us and I'm trying to call people out and say 'Look, please do not hide your darkness. Expose that to the light. It's where it all starts to happen. You are more than the sum of your past mistakes.

They believe the choices that they've made make them who they are and who they will continue to be until the day they die. The gospel doesn't work on that scale and that's what a lot of non-believers, and believers, don't know about the gospel. It's not what you have done; it's about what He did for you. Christ has made you a new creation. A prime example is "All the Pretty Things," which encourages us to not let the bright, shiny things of this world distract us from God. Are we building our families around our faith or our faith around our families?

Not only did that time serve to put further polish on its musical skills, but also helped them forge a bond with its audience. Not content to just play for the crowds who came to see them, band members also held question and answer sessions during their headlining tour. Tenth Avenue North would interview its opening acts to give the crowd more insight into the music and ministry and then they'd field questions during its own set.

We invited people to ask questions about faith or about something they were struggling with or whatever. So we would print off those questions and we would answer like questions from our audience. We thought it was pretty fun," says Donehey. The song set an impressive record as it became the first song to remain at No.

With bold declarations and its driven inspiration, the band has never had a more effervescent message to offer to listeners than it has now. We wanted to push the limits of what people expect us to do while maintaining the absolute laser focus on meeting our current fans where they are. As we headline shows this year, we want to make sure the gospel is clear and we want to love on people. We want our album to convey that.

The title track reverberates with passion and conviction as it encourages believers to stand strong in their faith. It makes you feel like: To be in a room with somebody who is producing, but also has that same mindset and to be able to have an open palette, the experience was just so great. I love working with them. The group has learned from experience that when God calls you, he equips you and you can do great things for the kingdom.

We wanted to talk about Moses the leader of the nation. You have been called. Who can stand against what God has begun? A band known for spending more days on the road than anywhere else, the quiet seclusion of the cabin helped Ben and Dave create what might be their most honest and musically diverse album yet.

Set to release from Fervent Records on August 28, Something Different was created during a unique and challenging time for the band. For Dave, writing at the lake was symbolic: It was a different way to approach writing. Instead of a clock in and clock out approach to writing, we were in the moment, in this environment for days on end asking God to fill the quiet but remove the distractions and burdens, and allow Him to speak through us. I think the whole experience facilitated, in turn, a different way to show our hearts to the world.

It truly is something different for their fans and for the genre. But this time around, Sidewalk Prophets did not hold back, not emotionally, not musically. It was a surprisingly perfect fit for Ben and Dave, who have been writing together since their freshman year of college where they met almost 14 years ago.

Each line is a chance to present the gospel. Already picked up as a favorite among friends and radio, this song adds a moving melody, powerful strings, and piano to a beloved verse in scripture, Philippians 1: What does it mean to truly live? Some hold great stock in wealth, or status or other earthly things but for us Each day is a continual battle to lay our lives down, and lift up Christ on high.

No Greater Love Christian Music Festival

The small handful of people that we have played the song for so far have been moved to tears. This connection inspired Sidewalk Prophets to put on their Big Family Room Tour—a tour they performed in intimate venues around the country and that they see as their most successful tour in many ways. Before each show, the members of this Dove Award-winning band arrived early to personally interact with and escort fans to their seats.

The phrase something different refers to that commons thread Christians share, the thing that sets them apart. Sidewalk Prophets has big plans for Something Different. With over three years separating this release from their previous, this new music of captivating instrumentation and gripping lyric, will help to propel them as they use their voices, creativity, and most of their days in a year to walk out their calling. I feel like I was put on earth to make this record. Written from a place of uncertainty, yet in a sanctuary of peace, the honest, Gospel-focused nature of each song on Something Different provides a type of sanctuary itself for listeners, who may also find themselves in the middle of an uncertain time.

These are songs they can cling to in the midst of those troubles, but also can sing in the moments of joy and celebration. Some musicians who have played together for nearly a decade, released five albums and played countless shows on countless tours, could turn to album six and toss it together in their sleep.

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They are pros. They've been doing this a long time; autopilot would actually produce some pretty good music. But what if those musicians who had written and played together for years didn't switch to autopilot and, instead, became more intentional in their music than ever before? Theresult would be a set of songs that sound, lyrically and musically, like each note and word were precisely paired.

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The result would be Hawk Nelson's sixth studio album Made, releasing April Since then, the band has found a new label home with Fair Trade Services, longtime guitarist for Hawk Nelson, Jonathan Steingard, has transitioned into the role of frontman after Jason Dunn departed to begin his solo career, and the band of four is now a trio of him, Daniel Biro bass , and Justin Benner drums. Many changes. Even more unknowns. But one thing is for certain: Something has clicked, and this album is the proof. Biro, who founded the band ten years ago, has grown with Hawk Nelson this last decade and believes all of the change has resulted in an honest and God-breathed product.

We want to take what we've been and not leave it behind, but grow it a little bit and hopefully be a lot more intentional about what we're saying. The song, and first single, is product of a conversation Steingard had with Hamitt and Mosley. As the lyrics explain, Words can build you up; words can break you down. You're beautiful, wonderful, perfectly made. If we didn't just happen, if we were created by someone who loves us and cares about us and has a purpose for our lives, then when we look in the mirror, we should be satisfied with what we see.

The lyrical intentionality runs throughout the album but it does not, of course, replace that unique, I-just-can't-sit-still-right-now, fun, contagious, signature sound of Hawk Nelson. Songs like "Elevator" and fast and loud "Anyone But You" will leave the listener with a strong takeaway message while they dance along and jump up and down, as Hawk Nelson fans do. Hawk Nelson will also be intentional with the philanthropy aspect of their spring tour for Made.

They have partnered with Food for the Hungry to support one, specific city that is in need. Many bands go on tour these days and raise sponsorships for kids through various non-profit organizations, but by focusing on one place, Hawk Nelson will bring sponsorship to a tangible level. Their goal is to raise enough sponsorships for one village to be self-sustaining by the end of the tour. Further proof of this is in how they raised funds for Made. It was a Kickstarter project—an online fundraising tool now often used for producing new records.

Biro believes the Kickstarter success proves the power of the relationships this band has built with the industry and with fans over the years. And despite the new look of Hawk Nelson, he says, "Real relationships span the test of time, and those relationships have stayed in tact and those people have showed their support. They are known for a rigorous tour schedule, working on albums while on the road and playing in front of people as much as possible.

Hawk Nelson does well reaching the younger demographic that can be so difficult to get through to, but now, as their music is maturing, they hope to broaden their reach. With more mature album themes like living purposefully and more challenging lyrics, they surely will. With the success of Crazy Love, which was nominated for numerous GMA awards, you would think these three are feeling the industry pressure with Made.

But the band members are confident in this new phase. Biro, agrees and sees the challenges as the exact preparation the band needed. It's a new identity, and I'm excited about it. In spring , he was in a hotel room in Australia on tour when he played for Biro what is now the upbeat, lead-in track on Made called "What I'm Looking for. It's that belief in something bigger that Steingard clings to.

It feels like there's something going on that's bigger than any of us. Diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at the age of 11 she lives life with a streak of resilience and dedication that is well beyond her years. She began acting and singing as a young child in school and church programs. A few years after her diagnosis of TS, OCD and ADHD she began pursuing music, acting and speaking as a career and a way to encourage other kids who may also have struggles in life. She has since founded ImAFighter.

TobyMac "Steal My Show" Live @ Winter Jam 2013 (Chattanooga, TN)

Her Youtube channel continued to open doors which included being signed a major record label and joining the national tour The Revolve Tour as a keynote speaker. She is also half of Harper Still, a country-influenced pop duo with her older sister and writing partner Morgan Harper Nichols. While recording her 3rd studio album, Jamie Grace currently serves as a worship leader at her home church in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Darren Mulligan left his native Ireland in to chase a life built on selfish ambition, temporary pleasure and fleeting fame.

God had other plans for him. Now leaving Ireland a second time, the man he is today stands in stark contrast to his sordid and troubled past. What opportunity is God bringing? His personal history before meeting Christ is colored by selfishness, depravity and desperation. Though he came from a respected, hardworking blue-collar family, Mulligan strayed from his upbringing early on.

The two quickly fell in love and were inseparable for the next few years. However, Darren soon abandoned Heidi in favor of a rock star lifestyle in America, chasing money and fame. As a guitarist for a heavy rock band, Mulligan toured the country while his life spiraled out of control. It was during this time that he received a phone call from Heidi, who told him she had become a Christian. Shortly thereafter, he decided to leave the band, move back to Ireland and ask her to marry him. Three weeks before their wedding, at a time when he was an avowed athiest, Mulligan had a life-altering experience in church.

I could feel my skin crawling. God seemed so real that night. He seemed so holy. There was this huge chasm between Him and me. I fell in love with God over that period and gradually learned to see myself as He sees me - clean, a son of the king. He took a job managing privately-owned, government-funded homes for children with disabilities and attended church with Heidi regularly. Despite the fact that he had never sung publicly before, he began singing as part of a makeshift band that formed for a week-long youth conference.

The group, later named The Remission Flow, received such an incredible response, people from all over Ireland and the U.